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Click here for Master reset of Site Master video.

Click here for Master reset of Site Master video.

From the same tech who brought you “Justin Bieber gets Demodulated”!

In this week’s tutorial, Jason explains how to do a hard reset of an Anritsu S331 SiteMaster. Many times, people think that when the SiteMaster locks up – it immediately needs a repair. But that’s not always true.

By doing a hard reset, you can see if it is a temporary freeze or if the equipment actually needs a repair.
If the SiteMaster still doesn’t work after you’ve reset it – then you know you need a repair.



Did you know that one of HP’s first customers was the Walt Disney Company? That’s our neighbor, right here in Orlando!

In 1940, Walt Disney purchased eight audio oscillators to calibrate the breakthrough sound system it developed for the movie “Fantasia.”

And now you know! 🙂
Planning to see Mickey in action? Stop by and see us too! We’d be happy to give you a tour of our labs and even show you around Mickey’s hometown!

Check out this video about documentation features of the Bode 100!

Did you know BRL Test is an authorized dealer of Bode?

Now you know…. and knowing is half the battle!

Just in! Tektronix TDS3024B Oscilloscope! 
Four channels, 200 Mhz, 2.5 GS/s.
This is just one of the many test equipment pieces we have in stock, to better serve your requirement needs.

Interested in the model or ones like it? Give us a call at 407-682-4228 for a quote!



Agilent Introduces Industry’s Lowest-Priced USB 2.0 Signal-Quality Test Option

Check out the latest news in the industry, brought to you by Agilent – one of our major manufacturers.

Today, Agilent introduced the industry’s lowest-priced USB 2.0 signal-quality test option.

Happy Monday!


Did you know that you can play video games on an Oscilloscope??

The HP 54600A lets you play Tetris and Snake!
There is a secret code that no one knows about. 
Stay tuned in to AMP on YouTube to see how!

8564E Justin Bieber Gets Demodulated

8564E Justin Bieber Gets Demodulated

Check out our YouTube Channel, AMP, for our latest behind the scenes video “Justin Bieber gets Demodulated!”

Jason, one of our military trained technicians, explains what happens when you read broadcasted signals over an Agilent 8564E. Tune in to see what happens!

AMP it up!!

DesignCon Preview – from Test and Measurement World

If you’re planning to go to DesignCon next week – take a look at Test and Measurement World’s preview article. This year, companies like Agilent and Rohde & Schwarz are exhibiting major tech-forward presentations.

Check it out and AMP it up!

DesignCon Preview – from Test and Measurement World 

Check out AMP channel!

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