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Did you know you could use your spectrum analyzer to analyze songs you like and determine what makes them sound good?

Check out this tutorial that shows you how!

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Click here for video, specs and quotes E8361A

Click here for video, specs and quotes E8361A

Request a quote for Agilent E8361A//10/14/16/UNL Network Analyzer at or call 407-682-4228 today!

SyntheSys BA14400B video , specs and quotes click here.

SyntheSys BA14400B video , specs and quotes click here.

Request a quote for the BA14400B SyntheSys Research Bit Error Rate Tester at or call
866-275-8378 today!
BRL Test

In this article from Test & Measurement world, Ron Press mentions the values of each technology and shows the advantage of using a hybrid ATPG/BIST method.

Read the whole article here! 

Optimizing autonomous IC test without sacrificing precision

BRL Test: Latest News

BRL Test announced today that as the company is expanding, a website re-design is in the works.

The company, who has been in business since 2001, is a known refurbished test equipment vendor – catering to the needs of all military branches and government agencies, as well as other companies worldwide.

The new website is scheduled to release in middle to late 2013.

BRL Test is your global leader in providing refurbished and premium used test equipment. We have stock coming in from Agilent, Fluke, and Tektronix that will be freshly calibrated with certification, upon order.

Some models include 8753ES, 8753D and 8753ET Oscilloscopes from Agilent

8560A, 8594L and E4402B Spectrum Analyzers from Agilent

2236A, 2247A and 2440 Oscilloscopes from Tektronix

Interested in any of these models or ones that are similar?

Visit us at or call us today at 866-275-8378

We’ve got you covered.

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Happy Birthday Patty!!

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Happy Birthday Patty!!

Everyone here at BRL would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to one of our amazing Engineers – Patty!!
Happy Birthday Patty!

In today’s article, Electronic Design explains some alternative techniques that go beyond bare comments for specifying behavior and using formalisms checked by tools. We’ll consider three languages in particular: C, Java, and Ada. We’ll also show how, once a specification is written, it can be used not only for documentation but also directly by testing and static analysis tools.


Contract-Driven Programming Takes Specification Beyond The Stone Age


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AMP supports the end to bullying.

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Science hasn’t been easy on the paranormal, routinely deflating fantastic claims by hucksters purporting psychic abilities. So wouldn’t it be ironic if scientists were on the verge of making paranormal-like abilities a reality?

Imagine controlling an object with your mind. Or don’t, because you probably already have. I did when I was a (pretty little) kid. It never worked, of course, but boy did I stare daggers at several unsuspecting flower pots, pencils and sticks of chalk.

The trouble, of course, is that your brain works a whole lot better when it’s motivating things it’s actually wired to, say your eyeballs, tongue, fingers or toes. But aha, you’re saying, we have wireless technology in 2013. We live in the future! Can’t we just cut that cord, too?

We already have: If you want to get technical about it, when using a handheld remote control with old-school antennae to pilot a…

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