Posted: February 20, 2013 in Test Equipment

Very cool!


Last March, mobile-payments pioneer Square introduced a free iPad app it called Square Register. The software let small businesses accept payments (via Square’s tiny credit-card swiper or its Square Wallet app for iPhone and Android), ring up orders and keep track of product sales. Now Square is introducing a hardware bundle it’s calling Business in a Box. And the basic idea is to turn the Square Register app into a real cash register for the iPad era.

[image] Square Business in a Box

For $299, you get two Square Readers and two third-party products: Heckler Designs’ WindFall, a swiveling, securable iPad stand for use in retail environments, and APG’s Vasario 1616, a cash drawer which can be controlled from the iPad. A $599 version includes a Star Micronics thermal printer for printing receipts. Both versions are available direct from Square, and with either, you supply your own iPad.

Everything in the…

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