Tektronix Oscilloscopes for Education at Student Level

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Test Equipment
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Tektronix has announced their plan to provide oscilloscopes for education purposes at first-time user level. User friendly and built in features make it easy to learn, the TDS1000C-EDU.

The TDS1000C-EDU Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope was specifically designed for instructional use in schools and universities. Loaded with features and built-in tools,Tektronix‘s TDS1000C-EDU Series is easy to learn and simple to operate for students and first-time users. In addition, the series includes an Education Resource CD to assist students in mastering the use of an oscilloscope.

“It almost goes without saying that for students to learn about the use of an oscilloscope, they actually have to use an oscilloscope themselves – it’s not enough to read the manual or watch someone else use it,” said Mike Flaherty, general manager Bench Instruments, Tektronix. “That’s why we’re so excited about the TDS1000C-EDU because it puts the world’s standard for oscilloscopes within reach of high school and university students around the world.”

Great Job Tektronix!


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