Apple Patents a System for Second-Hand iTunes Sales

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Test Equipment


Although the general understanding with digital goods is that you can’t resell them, Apple and other tech firms don’t necessarily agree.

On Thursday, Apple patented a system for buying and selling digital movies, music, books and software. The system would prevent the original owner from accessing the content after selling it, and could allow the original creator or publisher to receive a cut of the resale price.

As PaidContent points out, Apple isn’t the first company to patent this kind of system. Just last month, Amazon won its own patent on an “electronic marketplace,” where users could buy and sell digital goods. Again, the system would remove access for the original owner once the sale goes through, and it could even prevent additional resales after a certain number of transfers.

You may be wondering why Apple and Amazon–two companies in the business of selling music, movies and books–would be…

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