QRPometer, Repair a Elecraft KX1, Build a Flying Pig and Then Back to the Philco Refurb

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Test Equipment


Finished up a QRPometer, a 100mW – 8W VSWR and RF power meter that I intend to put in the bag with my KX3.  It went together really quick and without any issue.   I have a KX1 that’s on the fritz.  It won’t power up and I’d like to see it working again.  Then, on to building the Flying Pig, a single Frequency 5 Watt transceiver that has gotten some nice reviews.

The capacitors for the Philco arrived from  Just Radios today.   I’ll get back to that project after I consult with the pros on a part that I can’t identify at the next meeting of the Antique Radio Collectors and Historians of St. Louis.


Elecraft KX1

A.R.C.H. – Antique Radio Club, St. Louis

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