What’s so scary about test automation?

Posted: March 25, 2013 in Test Equipment
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In every testing environment and QA lab today, management and engineers perform hundreds of thousands of repetitive actions and procedures when testing and validating components and infrastructures.  Ongoing proper execution of these actions is essential to ensure the quality of the network and products under test. 

Unfortunately, when attempting to automate, most of these procedures are script-based and are difficult for others to reuse. So, every small change in an element or network layout may require editing of the script in multiple locations. When the question of automating these processes arises, more often than not test teams shy away from the subject.  “Once bitten, twice shy” equals reluctance regarding the possibility of creating user-friendly, cost-saving automated frameworks for even the most seasoned testing personnel. Past problems can be numerous.

But test automation doesn’t have to be scary. Check out this article from Test and Measurement World – “What’s so scary about test automation?” to find a few tips on conquering problems from test automation!


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