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“I wanted to reframe the way we use information, the way we work together.”

Such was the kernel of an idea from one Tim Berners-Lee, a software engineer working at CERN back in the 1980s. Working on this idea was a side project for Berners-Lee, one dubbed “vague but exciting” by his boss at the time. Yet today, the results of the experiment turn 20 years old. As his former employer puts it, “On 30 April 1993, CERN published a statement making W3 technology available on a royalty free basis, allowing the web to flourish.” That’s a very less-than-vague achievement we should all take a moment to celebrate.

In 2009, Berners-Lee gave a TED Talk in which he described some of the history of developing the web, and detailed some of his ideas for what might happen next. He essentially documents principles of innovation that hold as true today…

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Happy Tuesday!

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Test Equipment
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Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday from BRL Test!

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By drastically reducing measurement times, Keyence’s IM Series Image Dimension Measurement System has revolutionised full-part inspection. Now with a twice as large field of view (200 × 100 mm) and new illumination options, it can handle larger and more complex targets.

The IM Series measures dimensions in seconds both reliably and with greater accuracy. Simply place a target on the stage and press the button. Up to 99 points are measured in a matter of seconds with a high degree of accuracy. The system simplifies measurement procedures. In addition to recognising and measuring shapes automatically, it features an autofocus complete with a motorised Z-stage with a 30 mm travel range and distortion adjustment. Lastly, it offers the advantage of eliminating inter-operator variability problems and makes managing measurement records easy.

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More applications for measuring image dimensions

An improved PowderVision sampling system, from NDC Infrared Engineering, allows moisture to be measured in powders, granules and flakes flowing in enclosed ducts or gravity fed conveying systems.

The sampling solution can be used with a wide range of industrial powders, including chemicals, minerals, detergents and ceramics.

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In-line sampling system for moisture measurements in closed processes


The odds are looking good that Apple will ditch the textured, bubbly look of its iOS software in favor of something more modern.

Citing “multiple people who have either seen or have been briefed” on iOS 7, 9to5Mac reports that the software for iPhones and iPads will sport a flatter look:

The new interface is said to be ‘very, very flat,’ according to one source. Another person said that the interface loses all signs of gloss, shine, and skeuomorphism seen across current and past versions of iOS. Another source framed the new OS as having a level of ‘flatness’ approaching recent releases of Microsoft’s Windows Phone ‘Metro’ [user interface].

We’ve heard a similar story before. Last month, the Wall Street Journalreported that Jonathan Ive, Apple’s senior vice president of industrial design, was pushing for a flatter look across iOS.

A few questions come to mind:

  • Given that both Windows…

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As a writer, I have a certain love for the written word. Communication over the Internet has made my life what it is, and as much as I love Twitter and Facebook, part of me yearns for a simpler time. A time where I rattled out pages on my parents’ old electric typewriter; a time where I would send friends and family notes scrawled on physical paper by USPS mail.

That’s why I was excited when I heard about Lettrs, a website and newly released iPhone app. Created by written-word enthusiast Drew Bartkiewicz, Lettrs allows you to send long-form messages to a friend’s inbox or to a real-world mailbox, directly from your iPhone or computer. It’s somewhat like the eCard sites and apps that now let you send cards via the USPS.

Lettrs contains a variety of fonts and a variety of stationery to create vintage, dated messages…

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Here's A Thought

After finishing my MBA and searching for work in Communications (i.e.: taking step away from “Systems Administrator/IT” roles) and not having much luck, I focused my efforts on looking at small start-up tech companies in downtown Toronto that I thought were interesting. That is when I stumbled across Uniiverse. Fast foward a couple of months and now, this is my last week as a marketing intern at a gem of a start-up company called Uniiverse. Leaving and moving on to the next step in my journey is all a little bittersweet.

It has been great working with such inspiring, smart, and genuinely good people at Uniiverse. My experience here has been short but memorable and I have learned so many things that I can take with me to my next job and for the rest of my life.

Many people have asked me what is Uniiverse? Really it is hard…

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