One of our military trained technicians, Jason Hardman, and our top salesperson for the southern territory, Patricia Rodriguez – made an appearance at the NCSL International conference on April 18th, 2013 as a sponsor.

The conference, held in Clearwater, FL, featured presentations from Honeywell, LeCroy and Rohde & Schwarz on reducing jitter on test equipment and improvements on company costs by creating an inventory database of equipment.

Recognized by all, Jason and Patricia were proof of BRL Test being one of the best test equipment providers in the country – a formidable yet “every man” company with unbeatable prices & premium equipment.

Were you unable to make the conference but want to speak to Jason or Patricia? Contact them at 866-275-8378 or send a request in through our website, We would be happy to fulfill any needs you have for test equipment, repairs, calibrations or the buying of surplus equipment.

BRL Test has been an upstanding NCSL member since 2011.


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