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More than 3,000 participants from around the globe plan to visit Orlando June 3 -7,
2013, to form the largest gathering of Avaya customers and partners in the world. This 5-day event offers attendees insight into communication technology developments, industry trends, current landscapes and future plans – direct from Avaya leadership, and the opportunity to collaborate with Avaya peers, experts and leaders.

The conference is geared towards support engineers, product managers, design and sales engineers, supply chain, as well as other operations based personnel who wish to collaborate and provide input on new and existing Avaya solutions.

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Click here for video, specs & quote request!

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Click here for video, specs & quote request!

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This past winter, I found myself at the intersection of Green Street and High Street in Charlestown, Mass., when what to my wondering eyes should appear but one of Google’s Street View cars.

“Here comes my 15 minutes of fame,” I thought to myself. “I shall be immortalized in the Street View imagery of this intersection — right in my own neighborhood.” Until the next time a Google Street View car swings through and takes new photos, all of my neighbors will wave to me, shouting, “Hey, lookin’ good, Street View Man!” They’ll never take the time to learn my real name, of course.

Well, Google still hasn’t updated the Street View imagery with whichever images have me in them (consequently, nobody waves to me), but the thrill of seeing a Street View car so close that I could touch it brought with it a rush of adrenaline so overpowering…

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Welcome back!!

Welcome back from the weekend!

On May 23, National Instruments announced its newest general-purpose programmable power supplies, which offer the highest power density available in PXI and form the foundation of automated test systems. 

“With the capability of these new programmable power supplies, PXI demonstrates yet again its unique value in building automated test and benchtop validation systems,”said Charles Schroeder, NI Director of Test Systems.“When engineers combine NI PXI hardware with LabVIEW, they simplify their programming experience and quickly gain access to the latest technology – all within a thriving ecosystem. Engineers incorporating these latest technologies into their automated test systems have technical and time-to-market advantages over those using legacy box instrument approaches.”

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Optimize Automated Test Systems


CNN Political Ticker

Washington (CNNMoney) — On July 1, the interest rates on student loans subsidized by Uncle Sam will most likely double to 6.8%.

Congress and the White House agree that something should be done to prevent that. They don’t agree on what.

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In architecting its latest operating system (OS) for Macs — OS X version 10.8, also known as Mountain Lion — Apple liberally mimicked iOS, the operating system that runs the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Many functions and features in Mountain Lion are accessed and controlled by swiping, flicking, tapping and pinching on the surface of a trackpad (or on the top of Apple’s accessory Magic Mouse), as well as by pointing and clicking. But like operating systems of yesteryear, when trackpads and mice were far less integral, Mountain Lion also lets you use a keyboard alone to summon a feature or function.

In fact, Mountain Lion contains so many “keyboard shortcuts” — combinations of key presses that invoke a command — that an Apple webpage lists hundreds of them.

What follows here is our choice of the most useful keyboard shortcuts in Mountain Lion (and all OS X…

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Last month, I wrote about the state of competition between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Mostly, I rounded up scads of stats — market share, profits, app-store size and a lot more. I noted that lots of folks like to declare that either iOS or Android is winning, but that my conclusion was that iOS was winning the financial war, and Android was winning the market-share war. Which, come to think of it, was less a conclusion than a mere statement of obvious fact.

Over at Techpinions, John Kirk has tackled the same topic. Unlike me, he did a lot of sophisticated analysis, and devised a formula — ratio of profits to market share — to benchmark who’s winning. It shows Apple with a sizable lead at 3.12 percent, Samsung doing well for itself at 1.30 percent and the rest of the Android pack straggling behind at .41 percent.

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In stock and for sale! Agilent E4438C Signal Generator

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  • Frequency range 250 kHz to 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 GHz
  • Output power up to +17 dBm
  • RF modulation bandwidth up to 160 MHz
  • Flexible FSK, MSK, PSK, QAM, custom I/Q, AM, FM, ?M, and pulse
  • Step & list sweep frequency and power
  • Internal baseband generator (80 MHz RF BW)
  • Arbitrary I/Q waveform playback (up to 100 MSa/s)
  • Up to 64MSa playback memory and 1 GSa storage
  • Real-time I/Q symbol generation (up to 50 Msym/s)
  • Generate 802.11 WLAN, W-CDMA, cdma2000, 1xEV, TD-SCDMA, GSM, EDGE, cdmaOne, multitone, and more
  • Digital I/O, fading, and PC HDD waveform streaming with Baseband Studio
  • Remote control over 10BaseT LAN and GPIB
  • SCPI and IVI-COM drivers