Google Is Reportedly Testing Blimps That Dole Out Wireless Internet Signals

Posted: May 28, 2013 in Test Equipment


This past winter, I found myself at the intersection of Green Street and High Street in Charlestown, Mass., when what to my wondering eyes should appear but one of Google’s Street View cars.

“Here comes my 15 minutes of fame,” I thought to myself. “I shall be immortalized in the Street View imagery of this intersection — right in my own neighborhood.” Until the next time a Google Street View car swings through and takes new photos, all of my neighbors will wave to me, shouting, “Hey, lookin’ good, Street View Man!” They’ll never take the time to learn my real name, of course.

Well, Google still hasn’t updated the Street View imagery with whichever images have me in them (consequently, nobody waves to me), but the thrill of seeing a Street View car so close that I could touch it brought with it a rush of adrenaline so overpowering…

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