Tektronix 549 Storage Oscilloscope, part 4

Posted: June 11, 2013 in Test Equipment


In part 3, the scope was working, with a trace that seemed to do the right things. But the delayed timebase was dead. It’s a handy feature that effectively lets you select a part of the waveform on the screen and zoom in to magnify it, and in today’s digital world it seems almost inconceivable that it was possible to do such things with analogue electronics.  Mind you, it takes quite a lot of analogue electronics to achieve it, especially with valves. The 549 contained an outrageous 53 valves when I counted them. In the photo below, the swung-out panel on the right is basically devoted to the delayed timebase.


There’s a part of the circuit called the ‘delay pickoff’ which is responsible for selecting which part of timebase B’s sweep to magnify or, more accurately, when to trigger timebase A. It contains a comparator, which compares the sweep…

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