Review: Leap Motion’s Touchless Input Is a Fun, Futuristic Work in Progress

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Test Equipment


Steven Spielberg’s 2002 production Minority Report was a pretty good movie. Its artistic worth, however, is nothing compared to its enduring significance as a convenient touchstone for anyone who’s talking about the future of user interfaces.

In the film, of course, Tom Cruise played a policeman who efficiently rifles through vast digital files of information by waving his arms around as if he were conducting a symphony. As new real-world forms of input involving gestures have proliferated, people have instinctively compared all of them to Cruise’s on-screen gesticulations.

But no new means of input has ever felt as Minority Report-like as the Leap Motion controller, an add-on for Windows PCs and Macs. Like Microsoft’s Kinect, the controller, from a San Francisco startup, uses cameras and infrared sensors to track your motion. But instead of watching your whole body, Leap Motion’s gizmo focuses — very precisely — on your…

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