Then & Now.. Space Sensors

Posted: August 30, 2013 in Test Equipment
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In 1960, the United States propelled two six-inch-long television cameras into space on a satellite called TIROS 1. Rotating slowly above Earth, the satellite beamed back still images from two-watt transmitters.

It was roughly the same technology used to transmit 1950s-era TV shows, and the images it produced were black-and-white and grainy. But those photos, and the ones that followed, were a revelation. Suddenly sailors knew about hurricanes that were still far at sea. Farmers knew when rain was headed their way. No part of the planet was too remote to watch.



 Today’s Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite, built by Raytheon, pours down images that scientists could only dream of in 1960. Last year it produced a night-vision view of Earth, the so-called “Black Marble” photo, as well as striking new views in 22 bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. The data is already improving weather forecasts and helping scientists keep tabs on climate events.

For pictures and more on the evolution of space sensors click here!

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