Aerospace Industry Writing Next Chapter of Global Aviation at Dubai Airshow!

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Science, Technology, Technology News, Test Equipment
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Industry leaders showcase and prep for their turn on the international stage. Photo courtesy of F&E Aerospace/Dubai Airshow

One hundred and ten years after the Wright Brothers brought powered flight to the world, the next chapter of global aviation is being written at the Dubai Air Show. -Raytheon

U.S. companies that dominate global aviation [have eyed] the Middle East’s largest airshow in hopes of inking deals worth billions of dollars as the region’s economies continue to expand on the backs of the industry –AP

Planes leave a cloud trail of smoke colors honoring the colors of the United Arab Emirates national flag. Photo courtesy of F&E Aerospace/Dubai Airshow

More than 1,000 companies are exhibiting, tens of billions of dollars in deal-making are under way and visitors are flocking to the show from more than 50 countries. -Raytheon

The Dubai Airshow is a biennial show held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Organized by the “F&E Aerospace” since 1989, this leading aerospace event serves as the international stage for the industry’s finest to show off their biggest, fastest, best, and loudest products and innovations in hopes of scoring major economy-boosting deals.

A major US competitor, Boeing, is currently leading the order books race.

Airlines in the Gulf have placed a number of high-value plane orders on the first day of the Dubai Air Show, with US giant Boeing a major winner.

Additionally, major contractors such as Raytheon have thrown a few cards in play as well.

Raytheon’s red-and-white show headquarters is showcasing many of the technologies that make aviation work, including the air traffic management software that safely guides planes on the most efficient routes from Point A to Point Z and everyplace in between.

With January 2014 marking the 100th year of commercial aviation, it’s amazing to see what all the Aerospace Industry has in store for the future. Who know’s what they’ll come up with next! Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

From Orville and Wilbur Wright’s wooden flying contraption to today’s supersonic jets, the superlatives just keep flying for aviation. From the biggest to the fastest to the best, they’re all on display in Dubai. -Raytheon

Photo courtesy of F&E Aerospace/Dubai Airshow

For more on the 2013 Dubai Airshow check out:


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