New Material Could Be Both A Solar Cell And Display Screen!

Posted: March 27, 2014 in Test Equipment
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Photo Credit: Nanyang Technological University

Scientists have discovered that a new material originally investigated for use in solar cells is also capable of emitting light, raising the possibility for its use in display screens.


At a time where we are needing to decrease our dependency on fossil fuels, solar cells at first glance look like a great alternative. But a major hurdle exists in ensuring that the cost of the cell is balanced against its efficiency. Traditional solar cells use silicon, but alternatives are desirable since the cost of both sourcing this material and manufacturing it into solar cells can be high. This is where Perovskite comes in. Perovskite is composed of calcium titanate, and it’s around five times cheaper to use than silicon in solar cell manufacture. It’s also versatile and seems to be highly efficient. They used this as the base for the solar cell material. 

Read more at I Love Science


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