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Posted: March 31, 2014 in Test Equipment
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Elephant in Tsavo National Park. Credit: ian 1602


Drones To Be Employed in Kenyan Anti-Poaching Effort

When it comes to protecting wildlife, those who work to protect animals against poaching are up against some serious obstacles. Lack of funds often leave rangers overworked and underpaid, often not even with adequate equipment to patrol such an expansive area. In some countries, rangers aren’t even allowed to carry firearms even though they are up against armed poachers. Some poachers have even gained employment as rangers in order to have better access to the animals. Even the rangers with the best of intentions are struggling to combat poaching and keep the animals alive. For the rangers in Kenya, however, help is on the way.


Government officials have stated that rangers will soon be getting assistance from drones to use for surveillance purposes. Patrick Omondi, who serves as Deputy Director for Wildlife Conservation at the Kenya Wildlife Service has stated that the first drones to be put into use will be in Tsavo National Park. At 40,000 square kilometers, this is one of the largest parks in the world, making it a challenge to stop poachers. In 1967, Tsavo National Park was home to over 35,000 elephants. That number has been cut down to about 12,500 today and represents a third of all elephants in Kenya.

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