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5820A at BRL Test

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$24,900.00 5500A/SC600 Fluke Multi-Product Calibrator
$37,900.00 5520A/SC600 Fluke High Performance Multi-Product Calibrator
$29,900.00 5700A/03/5725A Fluke High Performance Multi-Product Calibrator
$39,900.00 5790A/03 Fluke AC Measurement Standard
$14,900.00 5820A/5C/600 Fluke Oscilloscope Calibrator
$24,900.00 5820A/1C/2.1 Fluke Oscilloscope Calibrator
$29,900.00 5820A/5C/2.1 Fluke Oscilloscope Calibrator

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Rohde and Schwarz FSH6 with Aaronia AG HyperLOG 7060 X for Sale at BRL Test

FSH6 package with 7060 X Highend active broadband antennas with high gain (44dBi)

Active Broadband Antenna up to 6GHz
Series HyperLOG® 70 X
Rohde & Schwarz FSH6


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Design: active logper
Frequency range: 700MHz-6GHz
(down to 120MHz with limited directivity)
Preamp noise : „linear“ increasing, 100MHz:
3,5dB, 3GHz: 4dB, 6GHz: 4,5dB
Preamp gain (typ.): „linear” falloff, 1MHz:
40dB; 3GHz: 37,5dB; 6GHz: 35dB
Nominal impedance: 50 Ohm
VSWR (typ.): <1:2
Gain (typ.): 45dBi
Calibration points: 533 (10MHz steps)
RF-connection: SMA (f) or N (see optional
Dimensions (L/W/D): (390x200x25) mm
Weight: 400gr
Tripod connection: 1/4“
Interface: USB 2.0/1.1 (readout of calibration
HyperLOG® 7060 X:
Gain diagram HyperLOG 7060X

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