Spor Solar-Powered Battery Charger Wants To Kickstart A Cooler Clean-Energy Ecosystem

Posted: May 30, 2014 in Test Equipment


There are scores of solar-powered battery chargers on the market already, offering a greener alternative to juice up your devices. But these chargers often fail to live up to expectation — either being very bulky to carry around or taking ages to charge your device.

Solar efficiency is improving, though, and the cost of producing solar cells is also coming down. And those improvements should start to trickle down into better portable solar chargers in the coming years.

On that score, meet Spor: a portable solar-powered battery charger that wants to shake things up with its fuss-free, compact form factor that’s still capable of delivering a power punch.

It’s also aiming to look a lot less boring than the generic competition — with a shell that can be customised via home 3D printing, if that’s your bag. Making solar tech look a bit cooler is certainly a worthy goal if it means getting more people to get…

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