CGO-505 Comb Generator for EMC EMI Testing for $2,150 at BRL Test

Posted: September 23, 2014 in Test Equipment
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CGO-505 Comb Generator

CGO-505 Comb Generator 5 MHz Step,1.5 GHz Com Power.  BRL Test is your EMC EMI Headquarters.

EMC Site testing is a snap when you verify with this state of the art comb generator.  The CGO-505 is 5 MHz Step,1.5 GHz.  BRL Test is your EMC EMI headquarters.  Click here to compare Comb Generators at  Call your BRL Test Representative today at 866-275-8378

CGO-501 and CGO-505 Comb Generators are a broadband EMC signal source for quick EMC site testing. They radiate signals up to 1500 MHz.  EMC labs calibrate their radiated emissions test sites, instrumentation and accessories at least once a year. The calibration procedures are elaborate and time consuming. However, calibration does not prevent equipment malfunction in between calibration period such as damaged receivers,, broken cables, poor connections, bad antenna, etc. Monitoring a few frequencies regularly on the Comb Generator’s broadband radiated output can verify the entire setup quickly and efficiently. Any potential problems with the test setup can be detected before it causes erroneous results. It is powered by a rechargeable NimH battery pack. It has circular shape for more uniform radiated output.  BRL Test is an authorized Com-Power Dealer.



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