HP 4284A /001/006 LCR Meter for Semiconductor Measurement – Sales and Repairs at BRL Test

Posted: November 6, 2014 in Test Equipment
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HP 4284A LCR Meter for semiconductor testing.

HP 4284A LCR Meter for semiconductor testing.

Utilize state-of-the art measurement technologies

• 6-digits of resolution at any range
• Basic accuracies of
0.05% (Agilent 4284A) and
0.1% (Agilent 4285A)
• 20 impedance parameters to access
and measure
• Constant V or I test signal level
• 20 Vrms test signal level
(Agilent 4284A)
Move your process toward
error-free operation
• Instrument setup state storage
• Comparator functions
• Selectable frequency error
• Open, short and load corrections
remove parasitics

Click here for 4284A quotes and spec sheets at BRLTest.com  Call your BRL Test representative today at 866-275-8378

Low frequency measurements:
Agilent 4284A Inductive devices can now be accurately characterized from 20 Hz to 1 MHz with a dc bias current up to 40 A1 dc.

Semiconductor testing
• Extend the test cable to the DUT
• Detect small parameter changes
• Rapidly acquire data
• Test at multiple frequencies

Both instruments allow you to extend the front panel measurement port through test cables, switches, and probers directly to  the DUT. The 6-digits of resolution give you the ability to sense and identify changes not normally seen by conventional LCR meters.

The accuracies of the Agilent 4284A at key test frequencies up to 1 MHz permit complete DUT evaluation for either production or laboratory needs.

BRL Test – We have the techs and the equipment to get your parametric testing done right for less.  866-275-8378



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