EMC Biconical Antenna AB-900 by Com-Power at BRL Test for $1,029

Posted: April 10, 2015 in Test Equipment
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BRL Test for EMC antennas, Biconnical, Horn, Loop and more...

BRL Test for EMC antennas, Biconnical, Horn, Loop and more…

Click here for AB-900 Data Sheet and Quote Form at BRLTest.com

The AB-900 is a linearly polarized broadband Biconical antenna specifi cally designed for EMC testing. It has a frequency range of 30- 300 MHz. This antenna can be used for both emissions and immunity testing. For immunity testing, the AB-900 antenna has a balun that is capable of accepting up to 50 Watts at its input terminals to generate electromagnetic fi elds. These antennas are individually calibrated using procedures described in ANSI 63.4. The calibration data is shipped with the antenna to maximize measurement accuracy. Both antenna models have the same mounting base, with a 1/4 inch x 20 threaded hole. It can be mounted on a Com-Power AT-100 tripod or any other antenna tripod with matching threads. Application Biconical antennas are used for emissions and immunity testing to meet various EMC standards specifi ed by FCC, CISPR and EN. The broadband characteristics of the biconical antenna make it a good choice for making sweep measurements and for automated measurement systems. BRL-TEST Red_NoTag 110wNormally, tuned dipole antennas are used for EMC site attenuation measurements for better accuracy. However, the biconical antenna is easier to use for vertical site attenuation measurements, because of the long dipole element lengths at lower frequencies (5 meters at 30 MHz). According to ANSI 63.4 specifi cation, a calibrated biconical and a log periodic antenna can be used for site attenuation measurements. The calibration data provided with each antenna is used to calculate fi eld strength measured for the selected frequency. The antenna factor (dB/m) for the selected frequency is added to the measured output (dBV) displayed by the EMI meter to obtain fi eld strength (dBV/m).


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