R&S RTM1054 Boots up fast and get’s it all done! On Sale at BRL Test for $3,500

Posted: May 5, 2015 in Test Equipment
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R&S RTM1054 photo

R&S RTM1054 Boots up fast and get’s it all done! On Sale at BRL Test for $3,500

BRL Test is your headquarters for premium used oscilloscopes.  Warrantied, certified and fully backed by BRL Test’s world class repair lab.  Great equipment for realistic budgets without the worry.  

Click here for RTM1054 data sheet and quote forms at BRLTest.com

Click here to shop and compare like 500MHz 4CH oscilloscopes by Agilent, Lecroy, Tektronix, R&S and Yokogawa.

Rohde & Schwarz RTM1054

As a true scope of the art, the RTM meets the increased demands on bench oscilloscopes for the development, production and servicing of embedded hardware, providing time, frequency, protocol and logic analysis, plus a digital voltmeter in a single beautiful box:

❙ Time analysis: high sensitivity of 1 mV/div to detect signals that would otherwise be lost in the noise

❙ Frequency analysis: reliable fault detection with integrated FFT and spectrum analysis with spectrogram option

❙ Logic analysis: 20 Msample with 5 Gsample/s for detailed analysis of digital signals

❙ Protocol analysis: simple triggering and decoding of serial buses

❙ Digital voltmeter/frequency counter: key signal parameters at a glance


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