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BRL Test is your stocking distributer for a line of game changing, powerful, handheld analyzers by Signal Hound.  Utilize the power and crisp display of your laptop or PC with these small USB connected spectrum analyzers, tracking generators and signal generators.  Out of this world software makes affordable yet powerful analysis available at a level the same or better as the big, traditional and costlier analyzers of before.

BRL Test proudly offers:

BB60C Real Time Spectrum Analyzer 6 GHz

USB-SA124B Spectrum Analyzer 12.4 GHz

USB-SA44B Spectrum Analyzer 4.4 GHz

USB-TG124A Tracking Generator 12.4 GHz

USB-TG44A Tracking Generator 4.4 GHz

VSG25A Signal Generator 2.5GHz


Signal Hound BB60C 600.png

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