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Teledyne LeCroy has released what the company says is the industry’s first configurable decoders for Manchester and non-return-to-zero (NRZ) bitstreams for a wide range of oscilloscope platforms. The decoders enable users to specify a broad range of physical layer characteristics for Manchester or NRZ signals. The decoders define the grouping of bits into words and words into frames, which reduces analysis effort for custom and/or proprietary protocols based on those generic encoding schemes.

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Turn Your Oscilloscope into a Configurable Manchester and NRZ Decoder


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The race towards higher bandwidth in real-time oscilloscopes is not new, but bandwidth certainly remains the number specification for oscilloscopes. Manufacturers like Agilent, Tektronix and Teledyne Lecroy compete aggressively in regard to bandwidth – and the levels to which it has been pushed continue to stretch. On the higher end of the market, the bandwidth level is 65 GHz, but much higher bandwidth will be available in the near future. Jessy Cavzos from Test and Measurement World reports that a 70 GHz oscilloscope will be available from Tektronix in 2014 as announcerecently, while Teledyne LeCroy announced last year 100 GHz for 2013.


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