E4432B/1E5/UN7/UN8 On sale at BRL Test $2,490.  Agilent signal generator 3 GHz, high stability, BER, real-time IQ baseband generator.

E4432B/1E5/UN7/UN8 On sale at BRL Test $2,490. Agilent signal generator 3 GHz, high stability, BERT, real-time IQ baseband generator.

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Anritsu S332D

With the S332D offered by BRL Test you are on the site and in control. Move with freedom, see with clarity and act with certainty. Fix the fault and be the hero of the site.

Do you have what it takes to master the site?  With the S332D offered by BRL Test you are on the site and in control.  Move with freedom, see with clarity and act with certainty.  Fix the fault and be the hero of the site.  Be the budget hero when you buy premium used, certified and warrantied from BRL Test.  Fully backed by BRL Test’s world class repair department.

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BRL Test...We Absolutely Know SiteMasters.

BRL Test for EMC antennas, Biconnical, Horn, Loop and more...

BRL Test for EMC antennas, Biconnical, Horn, Loop and more…

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The AB-900 is a linearly polarized broadband Biconical antenna specifi cally designed for EMC testing. It has a frequency range of 30- 300 MHz. This antenna can be used for both emissions and immunity testing. For immunity testing, the AB-900 antenna has a balun that is capable of accepting up to 50 Watts at its input terminals to generate electromagnetic fi elds. These antennas are individually calibrated using procedures described in ANSI 63.4. The calibration data is shipped with the antenna to maximize measurement accuracy. Both antenna models have the same mounting base, with a 1/4 inch x 20 threaded hole. It can be mounted on a Com-Power AT-100 tripod or any other antenna tripod with matching threads. Application Biconical antennas are used for emissions and immunity testing to meet various EMC standards specifi ed by FCC, CISPR and EN. The broadband characteristics of the biconical antenna make it a good choice for making sweep measurements and for automated measurement systems. BRL-TEST Red_NoTag 110wNormally, tuned dipole antennas are used for EMC site attenuation measurements for better accuracy. However, the biconical antenna is easier to use for vertical site attenuation measurements, because of the long dipole element lengths at lower frequencies (5 meters at 30 MHz). According to ANSI 63.4 specifi cation, a calibrated biconical and a log periodic antenna can be used for site attenuation measurements. The calibration data provided with each antenna is used to calculate fi eld strength measured for the selected frequency. The antenna factor (dB/m) for the selected frequency is added to the measured output (dBV) displayed by the EMI meter to obtain fi eld strength (dBV/m).

N9340A / TG3 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer at BRL Test.

N9340A / TG3 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer at BRL Test.

Keysight N9340A / TG3

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On the go and in control now!  The N9340A is portable, accurate, easy, fast and quiet.  Be the onsite hero who finds the elusive  problems quickly.  Be the office hero who saves the budget with premium used, certified and warrantied equipment that is fully backed by BRL Test’s World Class Repair Lab.

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CEA Smart Grid Products Added to Catalog of Standards

CEA Smart Grid Products Added to Catalog of Standards

Arlington, VA — According to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the Recommended Practice for the Installation of Smart Grid Devices, CEA/CEDIA-CEB29, has been added to the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel’s Catalog of Standards. Today’s homes include many products that connect to each other over a variety of networks, and to operate reliably, both the products and the wiring to which they connect must be well protected and installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

While CEB29 was written as a recommended practice for the installation of communicating smart grid devices in the home, all communicating products — including home controls, AV, HVAC, computers and appliances — are connected to the same electrical wiring and networks, and face the same installation challenges. To remedy this, CEB29 combines information from many sources into a simple, accessible format that assumes no prior knowledge of the subject matter.

“Whether you’re an electrician, professional installer, consumer, or work for a manufacturer or a utility, this guide will provide the basic knowledge you need,” said Walt Zerbe, product manager, audio, OnQ Legrand and NuVo; and Chairman of CEA’s R10 Residential Systems Committee. “CEB29 will help ensure your communicating products and the wires they connect to are installed properly and protected against lightning, electrical surges and electrical noise generated by other devices in your home.”

“As more smart grid devices are connected, the importance of proper installation practices grows,” said Brian Markwalter, senior VP of research and standards at CEA. “Although there are many sources for information on installation, most of them are written for trained professionals. Those sources are narrowly focused, typically addressing only a single area, so the reader must master many of them to get the complete story. CEB29 ties everything together for the installation professional.”

CEB29 includes the most important installation requirements and recommendations from the National Electric Code (NEC), UL, wiring standards and other expert sources covering a wide range of subjects including the proper installation of high- and low-voltage wiring, grounding, lightning and surge protection, and many of the installation problems encountered by today’s wired, wireless and power-line carrier networks.

To order a copy of CEA/CEDIA-CEB29, call TechStreet 800-699-9277 or 734-780-8000, or visit techstreet.com/publishers/285894 to order online.

CEA leads technology manufacturers in fostering CE industry growth by developing industry standards and technical specifications that enable new products to come to market and encourage interoperability with existing devices. CEA’s Technology & Standards program maintains an unmatched reputation as an effective and flexible standards-making body accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). For more information on Technology and Standards at CEA and how to get involved, please visit http://www.CE.org/standards.

The SGIP Catalog of Standards serves as a compendium of standards, practices, and guidelines considered relevant for the development and deployment of a robust and interoperable Smart Grid.

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 directed the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) in 2009 to form the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) as a public-private partnership. SGIP was charged to coordinate standards work to ensure interoperability and security as the grid is modernized. In 2012 the SGIP transitioned to SGIP 2.0, Inc., a member-funded organization that carried forth its predecessor’s original mission.

Contact: Consumer Electronics Association, 1919 S. Eads St., Arlington, VA 22202 Web:


Tektronix DSA72504D. Be sure with excellent signal integrity. Click here for datasheet and quoteform.

Tektronix DSA72504D

Save on premium used and certified high end oscilloscopes at BRL Test

The superior signal integrity and excellent signal-to-noise ratio of the DPO/DSA/MSO70000 Series ensures confidence in your measurement results. High bandwidth, up to 33 GHz, matched across 4 channels Bandwidth enhancement eliminates imperfections in frequency response all the way to the probe tip. User-selectable filters for each channel provides magnitude and phase correction for more accurate representation of extremely fast signals. In addition, only Tektronix allows the user to disable the bandwidth enhancement for applications needing the highest measurement throughput Simultaneous high sample rate on all channels captures more signal details (transients, imperfections, fast edges) 100 GS/s on 2 channels and 50 GS/s on all analog channels for the 12.5 through 33 GHz models 25 GS/s on all analog channels for the 4, 6, and 8 GHz models 12.5 GS/s on all logic channels in the MSO70000 Series Lowest jitter noise floor and highest vertical accuracy provide additional margin in your measurements Long record length provides high resolution and extended-duration waveform capture Standard 10 MS per channel on the DPO70000 and MSO70000 Series and 31 MS on the DSA70000 Series Optional up to 125 MS on all four channels for the 4, 6, and 8 GHz models Optional up to 250 MS on all four channels for the 12.5 through 33 GHz models On the MSO70000 Series, the record length of logic channels matches the analog record lengths for uncompromised analog and digital acquisition MultiView Zoom helps you manage long records, compare and analyze multiple waveform segments With high signal-to-noise ratio and low internal noise floor, the DPO/DSA/MSO70000 Series enable you to perform precise characterization measurements. When debugging a DUT, a low noise floor and maximum signal fidelity of the measurement instrument allows you to find the smallest anomalies affecting the DUT’s performance. For RF signals, a lower noise floor translates into a higher dynamic range, opening the DPO/DSA/MSO70000 Series to a wider range of applications Widest Range of Probing Solutions – Whether you need to measure 8 Gb/s serial data, fast digital logic, or switching currents from your new power supply design, Tektronix offers a vast array of probing solutions, including active single-ended, differential, logic, high voltage, current, optical, and a wide range of probe and oscilloscope accessories.

AH118 Compower

BRL Test is your EMC EMI Headquarters. Click for Com-Power AH-118 pricing now.

Com-Power AH-118

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The Horn antenna Model AH-118 is a standard broadband double ridged waveguide horn antenna. This antenna is linearly polorized and is designed specifi cally for EMC measurements for the 1-18 GHz frequency range. The AH-118 Horn antenna can be used for emissions and immunity testing. The gain of this Horn antenna is at least 6.1 dBi over the entire frequency range. Model AH-118 can accept up to 300 Watts input power in continuous mode. This antenna is constructed using light weight aluminum with a corrosion resistant conductive coating. The mounting base of Model AH-118 has 1/4 inch x 20 threads. This allows the antenna to be mounted on a tripod (Model AT-100) or a tripod with matching threads. Each antenna is individually calibrated at 3 meters. The calibration data and certifi cate will be shipped with each antenna.

This antenna is suitable for ANSI 63.4, CISPR16, EN 55022, FAA and other EMC standards that require emissions and immunity testing. The high gain reduces input power requirements to generate high electromagnetic field levels for immunity testing. High gain also increases antenna sensitivity to low level signals. During emissions measurement, the fi eld strength (dBV/m) is calculated by adding the antenna factor (dB/m) to the voltage measured (dBV) at the antenna terminals. For immunity testing, the input power requirement P in Watts to generate E Electric Field Strength in V/m at a distance in D meters can be calculated by using the following formula: P = E2 x D2 / 30 x Numeric Gain G = 20 log F -29.79- AF G = 10 log (Numeric Gain) Where G= gain in dBi F = Frequency in MHz AF = antenna factor in dB

Frequency Range: 1 GHz – 18 GHz Input Power: 300 Watts continious VSWR: 2.0 : 1 Polorization: Linear Impedance: 50 Ω Connector type: N Female Weight: 4 lb. max. Size: 7.8″ X 9.5″ X 5.6″ max.

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   Conducted Immunity System CIS
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   EMI Test Receivers
   Line Impedance Stblzr
   Transient Limiters for LISN
   Near Field Probes
   Power Amplifiers for EMC EMI
   CDN Coupling Decoupling Networks
   Preamplifiers for EMC EMI
   Telecom (Part68 CS03)
   Antenna Masts
   Turntables for EMC EMI


E4448A at BRL Test. 50 GHz Spectrum Analyzer. Go millimeter. Flexible, easy and fast.

Keysight E4448A

Millimeter wave no problem. Phase noise – bam!  Spur searches and modulation analysis are a snap.  That’s why this a Performance Spectrum Analyzer (the key word being performance.)  Get your PSA and rule now!

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Anritsu S332E.  Do you want to master the site now?  BRL Test makes it affordable with premium used, certified and warrantied.

Anritsu S332E. Do you want to master the site now? BRL Test makes it affordable with premium used, certified and warrantied.

Anritsu S332E

Site Master means you master the site with the power and freedom of this state of the art portable cable and antenna analyzer by Anritsu.  Get it done with VSWR, distance to fault, phase, cable loss, spectrum analysis, occupied bandwidth, channel power, spectral emission mask, ACPR, C/I, iterference analysis, spectrogram, signal stength, RSSI, signal ID.  On the move and in control with a premium used and certified Site Master.

Purchase with confidence knowing that your full warranty is backed by BRL Test’s World Class Repair Lab.  BRL Test – We absolutely know Site Masters including the Anritsu S332E.   Why pay more when you can accomplish your goals with BRL Test?  Call your BRL Test representative now at 866-275-8378.  Click here for S332E datasheet and quote form at BRLTest.com.

E8364B photo

Keysight E8364B is fast, accurate, quiet, sensative and easy to use. Sale priced at BRL Test for a limited time. Click for data sheet and quote form.

Keysight E8364B
The PNA’s architecture includes high quality, stable hardware and flexible software. The standard PNA is suitable for testing passive and active devices such as filters and ampliiers. Users can easily add options to test mixers, harmonics, intermodulation distortion (IMD), pulsed-RF, antennas and millimeter-wave (mmwave) components.

Purchase easy knowing that you are fully warrantied, certified and backed by BRL Test’s World Class Repair Department. Call your BRL Test representative today at 866-275-8378.   BRL Test – We absolutely know network analyzers.

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